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Key West is one of the top destinations for anglers in the state. The offshore fishing is at the top of the list of most travelers looking for deep sea angling challenges. Many visitors come down from the Boca Coast area which is known as the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World. Being our neighbor to the north, the Boca Coast area encompasses the southwest coast of Florida from Sarasota to Ft Myers with Boca Grande Florida being the epicenter. Boca Grande Pass has long been known as the Tarpon Capital of the World and there are thousands of these silver kings hooked in this area each year. Snook and Redfish are also very prevalent here and the entire area of fishing grounds is protected by barrier islands like Gasparilla. We share Season and Off Season periods during the year. Guides and charter captains are listed on the main website for the Boca Coast area and planning a vacation is made easy. 

Key West and The Florida Keys are a string of islands that stretch 110 miles from Miami Florida to Key West Florida which is about 90 miles over the Atlantic to Cuba. With Key Largo being the northernmost and Key West being the Southernmost in the chain of islands. One of the worlds most popular vacation destinations, the Florida Keys offer a variety of activities that are not only the best but unique to the keys alone. Long known as the deep sea fishing capital of the world, Islamorada is the hub for fishing charters and vacations for anglers worldwide. Ranging from about 3 to 8 miles off shore and running parallel with the Florida Keys you’ll find the only living coral reef in North America. Many travel south to experience swimming among more than a thousand species of fish and wildlife in this one of a kind marine sanctuary. There are several dive charters and day trips to take visitors out to the reef for scuba diving and snorkeling. The coral reef is what makes the Florida Keys famous around the world for travelers. From a search perspective, Key West and the Florida Keys is also one of the most popular search destinations in the world as well. Millions of visitors virtually travel to this chain of more than seventeen hundred islands.

Originally inhabited by Native Americans, the islands of the keys separate the waters of the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Long inhabited by those who came by boat, Henry Flagler changed all that with his dream of a railroad that went all the way down the keys to Key West in the early part of the twentieth century. The keys were changed forever, but it was not a quickly accomplished task. After a brief run that put the keys on the map to the rest of the world, a rescue train bound for workers on bridges and a highway system failed and over two hundred US war veterans lost their lives. Flagler’s railroad was also damaged beyond repair and remnants of the bridges and crossings through the lower keys still stand to this day. Unfortunately the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 saw the end of Flagler’s railroad, but the proverbial wheels had already been set in motion. Work continued on bridges and a highway system to bring the new Caribbean destination of Key West to the rest of the world. The overseas highway is still the most popular route followed by travelers wishing to experience the American Caribbean island.

Becoming permanent residents, we wanted the conveniences of a grocery store, gas station, post office, etc. Big Pine was the only island that offered all of this and it was a short distance from Key West and marathon key. We traveled up to Marathon and stopped off at Bahia Honda State Park on the way. This has to be one of the most beautiful state parks in the country. White sand beaches and great trails through the park to explore and find little private areas to enjoy the views of the blue Caribbean waters. It’s heaven on earth. The price difference between a 2 bedroom and three bedroom was not hardly worth considering and most homes had 3 bedrooms. After making the decision that Big Pine had everything we wanted, Jason showed us some of the best deals and we found our dream vacation / retirement home the next day. Jason took care of the paperwork and we closed without issue 30 days later. The entire experience and search was a lot of fun and Jason is a nice and importantly competent realtor. We were glad to find such a great agent to help us in our search. Now if we can just retire in a couple years!

Flights to Key West can be affordable if you choose the right layover city. Most flights from international destinations will land in Miami Florida. Cheap flights from Tampa and Orlando Fl can save you a lot especially if you stay in those cities for a day or two. There’s a lot to do in all three. Orlando has the Disney theme parks it’s famous for as well as Universal parks. There’s plenty of fun to be had by the entire family. Miami is known for its non-stop party. Many vacationers stay in their hotels right on the beach. The strip off of South Beach is known for great bars with trendy lavish style. If you’re into extravagance, then you’ll have a great time for a few days in Miami. Tampa is somewhat of a mixture between the two. There are great theme parks and a downtown area called Ebor City that has great nightlife as well as an elite crowd of wealthy residents out to display their expensive cars and fashion. Tampa has many fine dining restaurants near their airport. Some of the finest luxury hotels with ocean view suites are closer to the St. Pete area which also has an airport. Allegiant Air has very cheap flights from many destinations across the US. It’s about an 8 hour drive from this airport, or you can catch a connecting flight to Miami. It’s worth taking a little time to research prices and itineraries that include these cities. It can save you a bundle. The drive down from any of the these airports is gorgeous. Particularly from Miami south on the overseas highway. 110 Miles of pristine highway and views of Caribbean waters around you as you go over the bridges and islands. When comparing prices of flights and car rentals, you may find prices are comparable with renting a car and flying the rest of the way. Most hotels in Key West are within walking distance of the old town area, but there are a few hotels and vacation rentals that will require a car or taxi ride to get to the old town district.

Key West Fishing Charters – Holding several world records for fishing both offshore and back country. The keys offer an opportunity to pursue just about any kind of saltwater fish you desire. Tarpon and bonefish are what anglers are typically after when fishing the flats. Sail fishing tournaments and several thousand charters go out each year in pursuit of the illusive billfish, along with marlin and dolphin. Many vacationers don’t realize that the dolphin fish is called Mahi Mahi and they have enjoyed a dinner of the white flaky delicacy at their favorite restaurant.

Snorkeling – The island has several different ways to go see the only living coral reef in North America. The most popular way is to go out on one the snorkel boats. Scuba diving brings travelers from all over the world, however you are required to be certified in scuba diving in order to dive on the reef and wrecks off of Key West. Hotels often have a beginners day course, where novice divers can take a course in the morning in their hotel pool and get a one day certification to dive that afternoon. For those who wish to have both, there’s something called snuba. Snuba allows the swimmer to dive while breathing from a regulator that is attached to a hose. On the other end of the hose is either a tank of air or a compressor that produces air as needed. Of coarse the diver is limited by the length of the hose, however most locations that snuba is used the bottom is within 30 to 50 feet and the hoses are about 100 feet. Thus the length and depth you can go down isn’t very limited. The big advantage is the lack of weight in equipment, namely the tank. Snuba does not require a tank to be strapped to your back and so it makes diving much easier. At the end of the day however, snorkeling is by far the most favored method of traveling to and viewing the reef system that runs all the way from Key Largo to Key West. With over a thousand different species of fish and wildlife, it is something not to be missed while on your vacation.

Key West Ferry Boat – We were staying in Fort Myers beach and took the ferry down to Key West and it was a great way to go. They have a beautiful luxurious boat with huge flat screen TV’s and comfortable charis. We got down there in no time and walked around to great bars and restaurants. It was a lot cheaper than driving down just in gas alone. When you consider the time saving if you plan on traveling to Key West from the mid to south west coast of Florida, take the Fast Cat Ferry.

Sarasota is a bustling and very up and coming city located south of Tampa. There has been talk of providing a ferry service much like the one that travels to Key West from the ft Myers and Naples area.. As the economy begins to greatly influence the way people vacation and travel to their choice destination, the need for a ferry from the southern coasts has increased. Many travelers are beginning to book far less in advance. Not so long ago it was more common for vacationers to make reservations several months in advance. Now it seems that short term reservations are becoming more popular. As a result, the off season in Key West has been good for the hotels in Key West. Many residents living in the Sarasota drive down to the keys for a quick trip. With gas prices actually going down for a change, we have seen a lot of folks come down from Sarasota.

We produce the worlds best virtual tours for you to plan your vacation. Your Sarasota Vacation can be filled with things to do like fishing. While the fishing off shore is much further out into the Gulf of Mexico, you can still pursue the same species like dolphin. The inshore fishing in and around the Sarasota bay is great. Redfish and Snook are really popular game here. The easiest way to set up your stay may be to purchase Sarasota Vacation Packages which include Sarasota Hotels or maybe Sarasota Condos, which can be a way to bring the whole family down to Florida for big events. Now everyone in the party can visit our site and get their own Sarasota Hotel and some may prefer to stay in their own accommodations that can easily be found here.

You may love our sunshine state paradise so much a look at Sarasota Real Estate might just be in order. A lot of vacationers actually purchase Sarasota Vacation Rentals to use part of the year and rent out the other times of the year. Many fishing captains are available for charters and some will pick up from your resort and take you right to the boat. Our attractions are great, and most are very close to nice restaurants or your favorite bars.

Tampa is just north of the Sarasota area and Ft Myers which has a ferry down to Key West. Tampa is a party town. Ebor city is located in the downtown or old town area and is party central for residents. Like the old town of Key West Florida, bars and nightlife make up a large portion of the area but there is also a lot of great history here too. Style and prestige reminiscent of Miami Fl is obvious here, and it is wealthy city, however the demographic is a little older here. The high rise resort hotels and condos in the surrounding areas are affordable and activities abound. The arts are prevalent with great theaters and museums. MOSI is the museum of Science and Industry and offers a great opportunity for education and experiences. They have an IMAX theater and are just down the street from Bush Gardens amusement park. Bush Gardens is owned by Anheuser Busch and yes, they have free beer! In the middle of the park among some of the best roller coasters is a tasting area with great food and wildlife all around it. The samples are not just a little shot either, you actually get a full size cup of beer. There is a limit of two per guest and you must show valid ID, but how many places actually have free beer? The hotels around the park like the Best Western are cheap and you can really get some great deals in off season. You can walk to the park from a few of them, so you don’t even have to deal with parking. You can just walk right in. The park is not crowded at all, although it is pretty hot, but we told you how to keep hydrated!

Just across old Tampa Bay you’ll find Clearwater which also has an airport. This makes this area very easy to plan a vacation from anywhere. Tampa airport is much larger and flights to just about anywhere in the United States or the world for your vacation can originated from the Tampa airport. There is a large accumulation of cheap hotels surrounding the airport which brings a lot of jobs and permanent residents to the area. Attractions like Bush Gardens and history of Tampa Bay will ensure the successes of this great city. The Bucs football team and Lightning hockey team also bring in a lot of visitors. And when they aren’t playing, their stadium hold great arenas for other sporting events and concerts. Not matter what you’re into, Tampa is a great and affordable Florida vacation destination.

West Palm Beach is just north of Miami beach and neighboring Palm Beach. Many vacationers stop off here on the way down to stay in Key West Hotels. A long time popular vacation destination for spring breakers and senior citizens alike. With its great marinas and beautiful Florida beaches, West Palm is known around the world for its wealth and proximity to some of the best vacation destinations in Florida. There’s also a good mix of business and the job market is healthier than many other similar city destinations. Downtown also has a great historical influence. The city itself the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida The effect of the economy have not seemed to hurt West Palm Beach as bad as other areas. It does help to have such popular destinations surrounding the city. Many vacationers are literally passing by and stay for a night or two. Hotels and resorts on the beach are not exactly the cheapest in Florida, but the ocean views from some of the high rise condos overlooking the Atlantic are down right spectacular. With the word beach literally being in the name, beachfront hotels and ocean view vacation rentals trump the market for longer term stays. There are not a lot of bed and breakfasts, but affordable lodging can be found with a little searching.

Palm Beach is named after the most popular tree in the state of Florida. Palm Beach FL has a lot of infrastructure a small island like Key West FL will likely never see and many like it that way. Condos reaching up to the sky and tons of activities. Palm Beach is a beautiful vacation destination very popular with folks living up north or over from the west coast vacation destinations like Tampa and southern Florida areas like Sarasota. Snowbirds call Palm Beach home and so the off season is much less crowded, although it is very hot and humid. This doesn’t make it as popular with its main demographic of senior citizens, who head back to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. A lot of vacationers don’t realize that Palm Beach is also called Island of palm Beach. That’s because the intracostal waterway separates it from the neighboring West Palm Beach area, making it an island. Condos and large scale high rise resort hotels make up a large part of the lodging available for your vacation here. The beach is great and there are nice oceanfront walkways for a nice walk that won’t put sand in your shoes.

Palm Beach Gardens is great for families to get out and even learn a little. There are many interactive parks with facilities and activities set up for vacationing families. City Park and Garden Park are the most popular for tourists. The palm Beach Maritime Museum is a great opportunity for educational experience with the family. It’s a really interesting display of artifacts from the battleship Maine which sank after exploding in Havana Harbor. There’s also an actual living reef here, which is something that is shared with the Fl Keys. Reefs are delicate ecosystems that are very difficult to sustain and require a lot of preservation work. It’s a treasured part of the island and offers more educational experiences for your vacation.

Palm Beach hotels are mostly corporate and there are not many that have the same style and historic feel of those in Key West Florida. Although there is plenty of history to be explored here. Royal Palm Beach is probably the most popular destination for resorts and hotels. Resorts on the Beach with a balcony looking out over the ocean are requested often. There are plenty to choose from and the best deals in off season will allow you to stay in luxury resorts that are not cheap, but offer a great opportunity to save on a place to stay that may not be as affordable during season. Season in Key West is the cheapest during the shoulder season, when there are a few weeks in between Season and Off Season. Check for the best deals during this time with the hotels that recognize it. The weather is great and you also get the opportunity to enjoy the island during a time that is less crowded while getting a great deal. We hope you have a great vacation and if you’re trip brings you down, we offer the best deals on hotels, so please check us out.

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