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Key West is the southernmost city in the continental United States. This paradise offers tropical climate, tantalizing blue water and laid-back island ambiance. Beyond the paradise and the pina coladas there is so much more to uncover in Key West. An important address in Key West is Hemingway’s Home and Museum; the home of America’s most honored and respected authors. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway owned the home from 1931, until his passing in 1961. Travelers can step back in time with the rooms and gardens that witnessed the best of Hemingway’s writing career. Visit with over sixty cats that are residents of this home, many which are extra-toed cats. Hemingway was given a six-toed cat by the ship’s captain and some of the cats who live on the museum grounds are descendant of that cat. Of course a visit to Key West Florida would not be complete without real Key Lime Pie. The recipe features a delicate pastry crust, a tart custard filling and a particularly rich, downy meringue, symbolizing the taste of Key West. There are many restaurants in which visitors can indulge in a taste of Key West. Only here does the sun shine brightest when it sets. Nightly, about two hours before the sun is scheduled to set, people begin to gather for the Sunset Celebration on the Mallory Square dock; where the sunsets shimmer over the Gulf of Mexico. Once the sun is safely tucked away, the city moves to a different beat. The nightly sunset festival offers jugglers, mimes, musicians, and street artists. The streets, pubs, and world-class restaurants with island specialties come alive. Drama, musicals, musicals, and comedy thrive in Mallory Square. A favorite for animal lovers are the gypsy chickens which continue to be a controversy in Key West. The East Martello Museum and Gallery located on S. Roosevelt Blvd is the most well preserved example of the Martello style of military architecture in the country. The East Martello fort was never completed and never saw any hostile action. However, today it is home to a great military memorabilia. One of the best views of Key West is atop the central tower, where visitors are greeted with a spectacular panorama of the Atlantic coast. Key West is for many, one of the greatest cities in America. Visitors flock to the island to experience the history, beauty, and zaniness that makes this island community truly unique.

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